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Melrose Caverns

- Underground History of the Civil War -

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Cave Tours

Enjoy a stroll through time led by knowledgeable guides. The guide will touch on aspects of both our geological structures and human history on display in our unique caverns.



Melrose Caverns

Thanks to the unique protection that the caverns provide from the effects of time and the elements, your tour of the caverns allows you to see this historic site in much the same condition that Union soldiers would have experienced over 150 years ago.


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You’ll tour the caverns as part of a small, personally guided tour.  Each group is never more than 25 guests. You’ll enter through the lodge, descend into the back of the Caverns and move into the chambers used during the Civil War.

A knowledgeable guide will lead you through the very places where the soldiers lived, ate and slept.  You’ll see where they stored their provisions and how they moved  them up and down between the caverns and

the surface.

You’ll see beautiful rock formations, but more importantly, over 150 names and drawings that were etched or written by the soldiers themselves.

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  • Each tour group is comprised of a maximum of 25 visitors and each group will have a personal tour guide.

  • The caverns provide a consistent temperature of 55°F; therefore, we recommend bringing a light jacket or sweater.

  • The path through the cavern is made of crushed stone and lit by hundreds of strategically placed LED lights.  Comfortable shoes are recommended.

  • Your tour will last approximately 45-60 minutes.  Questions along the way are welcomed and encouraged.

  • You may take photos throughout the caverns. Your tour guide will highlight some unique photo opportunities.

  • The cavern is not well suited for traditional strollers or wheelchairs.

Looking for a special reservation such as a private tour, large group or tour after hours? Give us a call at 540.434.3500

come See us!

Our unique caverns will hold the interest of history buffs, amateur geologists, the young and young at heart. Our guests questions lead us down different avenues of history, making each tour unique!

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Special Events

We often have special events in the Caverns and on the the property. Click below to see a schedule of our special events.

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