Melrose Caverns

6639 N Valley Pike
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802
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Melrose Caverns Guest Station

The Melrose Caverns Guest Station is located at 6637 North Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, Virginia.


The property was acquired by the Harrison family in the mid 1750’s through a land grant from the King of England and has remained in the family since that time.  The filling station was built in 1929 by Endless Caverns as it was developing Melrose Caverns.

Recently renovated, the cottage has two bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, an updated kitchen, one sleeper sofa, two beautiful porches and a portico large enough for two cars.

The house sits at the entrance to the historic Melrose Caverns Lodge.  The lodge is a wedding and event center. Tours of the caverns are also offered.


The property is listed as a National and the Virginia Historic Landmark.

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$290         Melrose Caverns Lodge Guest Station

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